About Me

I grew up in West Virginia, learned how to live in Chicago, and now I’m thriving in Hawaii. Doing what I love; radiating positivity in the form of goofy characters and funky designs.
I think that you get what you give. Send out love and you’ll receive love in return. An open heart is a powerful magnet. It takes practice, but I highly recommend.
2019 has been full of opportunity for me. I am so thankful to have published my first fully illustrated children’s book, Daddy’s Submarine
This book takes a look at the life of submarine children while their parent is deployed. It’s the first of it’s kind! Plus, it’s got all of my adorable sea critters and beautiful characters. Now available on Amazon!
Also, I am working with STEM to Bloom magazine for a worthy cause – promoting STEM education! It’s a project I am passionate about, and am so happy to be a part of this magazine. 
There are many more projects in the works, so stay in the know by following me on Instagram @GroovyNachos